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The Master Aesthetician on Why She Loves Skinwave!

If you’re following the latest trends in skincare and aesthetics you’ve probably seen content from Licensed Master Aesthetician, Reanne Kelly – more commonly known as “The Master Aesthetician” (@the.master.aesthetician on Instagram). Based in Seattle, Reanne has over 15 years of experience as an esthetician and shares content on her widely followed Instagram account (69,500 followers and counting!)  that is both educational and entertaining. She was voted “Favorite Master Aesthetician” by Dermascope, has been featured in numerous industry podcasts and publications, and has become an industry leader for estheticians and aesthetic practices everywhere.

Reanne has kept up with the latest in skincare trends like Hydrodermabraision and Hydrotherapy treatments. In 2020 the Aesthetic Society reported that the most popular non-invasive treatment, behind neurotoxin and filler, was skin treatments like hydrotherapy and chemical peels. Reanne and Whisper Wood (her popular Seattle practice) have gotten on the forefront of this treatment trend with Cartessa Aesthetics’ advanced hydrodermabrasion device, Skinwave.

Cartessa had the opportunity to pick Reanne’s brain as to why she chose to add Skinwave to her practice.

Here’s what she shared:

Q: What lead to your decision to bring on Skinwave? Why do you think Skinwave stands out in its space?

Reanne: I was looking for a Hydrodermabrasion device and, having worked with other hydrofacial devices on the market, I wanted something different and unique. When I got to try the Skinwave, I was blown away by how user friendly the machine was and by how many options there were to customize treatments using the elements within the device!

If you love the market leading option, it is worth giving Skinwave a try and it offers your patients the same exfoliation, cleaning and infusion of solutions but with several add ons to improve the overall experience.

Q: Who would you recommend a Skinwave treatment to? Are there particular patient concerns that you’ve seen better results for? 

Reanne: Skinwave is great for everyone! Who wouldn’t want to deeply cleanse and exfoliate their skin, while also getting a gentle peel without downtime! 

Q: When do you recommend patients get a Skinwave – how often? Time of year?

Reanne: Skinwave can be used year-round! Technically, clients could come in for a Skinwave treatment every two weeks, but I think monthly is a good rhythm!

Worried about a summer slowdown? Skinwave offers a solution to maintain patients skin all summer long. Skinwave can also be combined with other summer-safe modalities, such as the VirtueRF Microneedling Platform. Skinwave is safe on all skin types and conditions, and is a great introductory treatment for any patient.

Q: How does Skinwaves’ ability to incorporate Hydrogen Infused water into each treatment benefit your patients? 

Reanne: This feature is amazing! Many of my clients are experiencing this for the first time with Skinwave.  Not only does this feature allow for neutralization of all the acids on the skin, but it also fights free radical damage which everyone can benefit from.

Q: What is your favorite feature of the Skinwave and why?

Reanne: I’d have to say the handpieces. Skinwave has three unique handpieces – a Radial Tipped handpiece for solution application, an LED Electroporation handpiece for product absorption, and a Y handpiece to assist with lymphatic drainage – There is no other device on the market that has anything like them. The LED Electroporation and Y handpieces are easy to use, and my clients love how they feel. Also, I love that you can use these handpieces to infuse any serums you have – you are not limited to using only Skinwave solutions.

Q: How has your experience been working with Cartessa Aesthetics?

Reanne: Working with Cartessa has been amazing, they are so supportive and communicative, which is something I have not experienced before with other companies. They also offer such great training with any of their devices!

Skinwave offers providers a unique way to deliver high performance solutions and revitalize the skin. Patients are loving this simple yet advanced way to address many of their concerns in a pain-free, no downtime treatment that is perfect for summer skin.

If you are interested in learning more about the Skinwave, contact your local Cartessa Agent today.

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