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The Pandemic is Shifting Consumer Attention to Skin

The holidays are going to look a little different this year.  From family gatherings, to travel, to what people will be spending money on. Let’s talk beauty – the usual rush to the salon or stock up at Sephora on festive make-up and glam is taking a back seat to this year’s number-one in demand beauty accessory, beautiful, healthy-looking skin.  

In times of uncertainly, the beauty industry has historically looked at what’s been termed “the lipstick index.” The “lipstick index” was coined during the 2001 recession by Leonard Lauder when he was the CEO of Estée Lauder.  He noticed that lipstick sales spiked during times of economic downturn and reasoned that women turn to affordable indulgences that make them feel better.  This pattern has held up going back as far as the Great Depression

But coronavirus has turned the “lipstick index” on its head – for one, lipstick and masks don’t mix – and it has shifted the broader demand for beauty and cosmetics (sectors which have increased every year since 2005) towards skincare. 

According to a market analysis performed by McKinsey & Company, with little need to wear makeup outside, demand for cosmetics has dropped while demand is spiking for skin care products, creams, and beauty treatments.  

Consumers are looking to invest in skincare products AND aesthetic treatments to improve skin health and the way they feel, as evidenced by the business boost Aesthetic practices are experiencing.  The American Society for Plastic Surgeons expects a 36% increase in filler & injectable sales post lockdown. “With more people working virtually, they are seeing the areas that they would like to address more vividly on screen, and more are taking advantage of the ability to recover from home or from behind a mask,” states American Society for Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) President Lynn Jeffers, M.D.  

Interest in non-invasive favorites like Laser Skin Resurfacing (link to Treatment page) and RF Microneedling (Link to Treatment page) are also at all-time highs.  Google Trend data that reports on relative search volume of key words shows searches for laser skin resurfacing and RF Microneedling are not just back to where they were pre-pandemic, they are higher (can reflect graph to say this but we can also say “searches are well on their way to pre-pandemic levels”). Take a look at this chart where searches peak in October and November of 2020.  This bodes well for aesthetic providers able to capture the attention of the increasingly interested audience. 

“When things opened up, I experienced a rush of business that I have never experienced before,” shared a medspa owner in the greater Washington DC area.   “Selfcare is very important and people just want to feel better immediately and the immediate gratification of the services that the Cartessa devices provide are what people are attracted to right now.”  

So, what do these shifting beauty trends mean for you?  

Holidays are usually a great time to promote aesthetic procedures but this year in particular, your clientele may be even more eager to take advantage of packages and special pricing to get their skin in great shape.  Focus your marketing efforts on non-invasive treatments and combination therapies that offer real results. We love combination therapies when they optimize results without adding to the downtime.  Patients are happier and your profits are higher and this year, your customers may be more likely to add-on a complimentary treatment to boost their results.   

Our favorite combination this year is VirtueRF Microneedling plus the no-downtime CO2 laser peel, CoolPeel. Branded ‘The Ultimate Duo’, VirtueRF first targets deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production and combat fine lines and wrinkles.  Next, the CoolPeel, a no-numbing, no downtime CO2 treatment exclusive to the SmartXide Tetra, is performed superficially to diminish pigment, sun damage and other signs of aging.   

Give your patients what they and their skin needs this holiday more than ever before – a special “pick-me-up”. 

To learn more about the VirtueRFCoolPeel, or the Ultimate Duo, contact a Cartessa Agent today! 


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