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Pay Attention to Retention

One of the most frequent questions to our practice development team is “how do I reach new patients”.  And we agree, attracting new customers is important to any growing business but did you know two-thirds of medical spa visits are from current clientele?  According to a report from the American Med Spa Association, over 66% of business traffic isn’t coming from new sources but those who are already engaged with your business.  In fact, the report highlights that each patient spends on average about $459. If this statistic holds true for your practice, patients that are already visiting you monthly are spending about $5,500 each year –without a “cost to acquire”.

Therefore, patient retention and loyalty is crucial.

So…. how can you ensure that your patients are returning to your practice and adding to their treatment regimen? We recently sat down with Aesthetic Practice Development Consultant, Alyssa Traub, to discuss those top factors that contribute to patient retention.

  1. Environment:

What is your practice’s vibe? The patient experience starts the second your patient steps into your practice. Is your staff greeting patients with a smile? Is anyone greeting your patient at all? Is your waiting room welcoming? Do you offer perks like spa-infused water while patients wait? The energy and connection between your practice and your patient is largely responsible for their return.

  1. Convenience:

How easy is it for your patient to make an appointment with you or your staff? Do you have accessible parking? Is your office open to accommodate patients who many not be able to come in during the normal 9-5 hrs? All these questions are important to consider when determining how accessible you are to your patients. Scheduling is also crucial here – ease of booking is just as important as availability. It is great to have a full book, but not if it means potentially losing revenue.

  1. Education:

This is a big one! What is your WHY? WHY is it important for your patients to see you? WHY is your practice worth their time and money? WHY is the treatment you are recommending best suited for them? Education is key to not only building trust with your patients but translating that trust to revenue for your business. The more your patients know about why you offer a particular treatment, what the benefits are and what to expect post-treatment, the better. 

  1. Visibility & Communication:

In a world where we are largely connected through social media, it’s important to be visible as people want to know who you are and what your practice is all about. Are you on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and (erg we know) TikTok? Outside of social media are you regularly reaching out to your patient base with emails, text messages, or phone calls?  Does someone on your team reach out to patients post treatment to see how they’re doing? Are you sending a note or extending a free service for a birthday?  Open communication and visibility will only improve the likeliness that your patients will continue to return to your practice.

  1. Stay Current:

It is true that those that do not keep up fall behind, which is why it is important to stay current with industry trends, brands and treatments. For example, if your patients continually come in asking about low downtime laser facials like the CoolPeel, maybe it’s time to consider adding a new modality to your practice. Staying on top of seasonal events and adjusting your marketing efforts and promotions accordingly will also help you remain relevant with your patients.

  1. Reward Loyalty

Loyalty or rewards programs can be instrumental in enticing patients back to your office. Instead of discounts, consider tacking on a free service as a thank you for being a patient. For example, while a patient waits for their VirtueRF treatment (or after they finish a package of RF Microneedling), treat them to a Skinwave facial. Encourage your current customers to refer their friends and family and given them something for doing so. Word-of-mouth is still one of the most successful marketing channels you have so make sure you are leveraging the two-thirds of customers that already trust in you and your services.

For more information on how your practice can improve your patient retention strategies or to learn about Cartessa’s unique product portfolio email!

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