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Three Go-to Treatments to Beat the Summer Slow-Down

Ahh Summer! The beautiful weather, the extra time with family and friends, and unfortunately… a slow down for your aesthetic practice.  For those businesses opening up post COVID-19, this summer may not see the dip in traffic as patients swarm to give their quarantined skin a pick me up…but, individuals will still be concerned about sun-exposure and tolerance for downtime is surely near zero. Lucky for all, here are three treatments that are summer favorites, and won’t be the cause of sending you indoors.

Virtue RF Microneedling

RF Microneedling has become a heavy hitter in the aesthetic space and a patient favorite because of the immediate results and improvement over the longer term. Safe on light and darker skin-types, the most advanced RF microneedling systems are less painful and offer no social downtime.  So what’s the newest, most innovative RF Microneedling option – introducing Virtue RF.   Recently launched by Cartessa Aesthetics, the Virute RF is the first-ever RF Microneedling Platform. Manufactured by ShenB, the Virtue RF is virtually pain-free, offers no social downtime and the most sophisticated RF microneedling experience out there.  From the precise robotic delivery to the microcurrent face mask provided post-treatment, Virtue RF takes RF Microneedling to the next level rain or shine.


Sunscreen, salt-water, sweat – summer can do a number on the skin making exfoliation and hydration that much more important.  Skinwave, is a refreshing facial that combines an infusion of skin revitalizing solutions rich in AHA (lactic & glycolic acid), BHA (salicylic acid), and Hyaluronic acid, and Hydrogen therapy with gentle extractions to removes impurities. Electroporation with red and blue LED, and a y-handpiece that includes contour rolling, lymphatic drainage, and massaging properties round out this amazing treatment. The Skinwave system is the ultimate compliment to clean and brighten skin, and to improve vitality and tone. Consider a summer Skinwave promotion to keep patients coming throughout the summer months.  Package Skinwave treatments with a laser peel like CoolPeel once the season is over to erase sun-spots and damage.  

Motus AX

Laser Hair Removal typically may not be the top treatment you’d recommend for summer. However, because of the unique energy delivery of the the Motus AX, patients can continue their treatments all summer long.  Why? The Motus AX is the first high-speed Alexandrite laser with a sapphire cooling mechanism that delivers heat slowly while cooling down the skin so treatments are highly efficacious, pain-free and safe for light and dark skin types. The Motus AX has been praised by aesthetic insiders and major media outlets alike, including Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan Magazine for it’s amazing patient experience with no downtime. The Motus AX is the only way to offer patients of all skin types, both a safe and effective laser hair removal treatment this summer.

Of course, it is important to talk to you patients about summer skin safety (don’t forget your sunscreen) – with or without an aesthetic procedure.   Questions about these or other Cartessa devices, let us know.  Our team is here to talk about these treatments and how they can make a difference for your business during the summer and all year round.

To learn more about these amazing summer treatments contact your local Cartessa Agent today!

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