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Platform Devices that Will Change Your Practice

In these uncertain times, many aesthetic practices are looking to make smart business decisions that will improve their overall practice performance. Offering new services has been proven to attract new patients and can increase overall practice revenue. But how does one do this without breaking the bank? Platform devices. Provide your patients with more options without the added burden and expense of additional devices.  Platform devices have been traditionally known to offer many treatments but lack the efficacy and safety to do all well. Not anymore. With new advancements in platform device technology, here are the three platform devices that will change your practice.

Luxea, manufactured by DEKA

New from DEKA, the Luxea is a modular and expandable platform device for practices looking for an all in one solution. What’s unique about the Luxea, is that it comes with the option to add on both IPL and three true laser handpieces. With nearly 300 patient protocols and plug-and-play connectivity, the Luxea offers a solution for practices looking to offer treatments for hair removal, benign pigmentated lesions, rosacea and vascular conditions, acne, tattoo removal, leg veins and more.

Virtue RF, manufactured by SHEnB

The VirtueRF is the worlds first RF Microneedling Platform product! It offers the utmost precision and sophistication for both provider and patient and tackles a wide range of patient concerns from fine lines and wrinkles to scarring and more. Treatments are completely customizable with the option to add up to 4 additional handpieces*, both red and blue LED light therapy, and an exclusive post treatment regimen. VirtueRF offers more pulse duration and setting options than other RF Microneedling devices, including RF Sub-Pulse Technology and the ability to turn off the RF energy. The Smart RF handpiece uses robotic precision delivery (RPD) to precisely deliver 36 gold-coated needles to provide immediate results with continued improvement over time. An innovative post-treatment Microcurrent Dual Face Mask matched with a no-downtime virtually pain-free treatment makes the VirtueRF the superior RF Microneedling experience.

EVO Series, manufactured by Quanta System Aesthetic Division

Italian-engineered performance at its core plus the ability to customize the pulsed-laser specifications and configuration, the EVO Series is sophisticated platform technology. The Light – EVO Series boasts the NEW Power+ technology, large spot sizes, preset parameters and fast start-up and treatment times. With the option to add a chilled IPL and erbium handpiece, the Light – EVO Series makes it possible to perform a range of treatments across skin types including hair removal and the treatment of pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, and acne scars. The EVO Q-Plus adds Quanta’s Ruby laser – the fastest Ruby laser on the market today- with all the same amazing features as the EVO-Light plus the capability to treat unwanted tattoo’s, wrinkles, and fine-lines.  

These platforms will revolutionize your practice as they will offer lasting, effective results while maintaining a competitive ROI. All devices feature an ergonomic design and the capability to add-on handpieces as you. Cartessa Aesthetics is the exclusive US provider of the Luxea, VirtueRF, and the EVO Series.

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